Were he says “I love you” and I say….

26 Dec

Ok, BF finally spilled it… those 3 words, the ones we sane people avoid at all cost, before we sort of spiral into the commitment phase of a relationship

See me freaking out!

Ok, he did not said them aloud, he said them in a card (as in like, a hallmark moment), a Christmas card to be exact.

The deed was done on the evening of the 24th, with me sitting pretty, all surrounded by wrapping paper. The BF gives me his present(s) and a big envelope, I rip it apart (because that is what one is suppose to do among boxes wrapped in pretty paper!) and its this cutesy card telling me how much I mean to him and how much he loves me, can’t live with out me (wait, is that not part of a song?)…

uh, gulp! Yeah, LOVES.ME.


My response? I stared (at the card) and read and stared (some more) and read (some more)and then I faced him and this is what came out of my mouth:

“What a cutesy card!”

I should be shot people.


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