Learning the hard way to save vacation time

27 Dec
So, here I am sitting in the middle of the week at my desk, ALONE, since everyone around me had the foresight to save some vacation time and use it this week in order to have 3 days off and enjoy an extended fa-la-la-la-la time. Me? I choose to use it to go to Paris at the beginning of the year.
Can you say “kick me”! ah, yes, you can.

So, basically I’m being paid to sit here for 8 hours (or they think, since I will be so leaving at 3pm today – hey I was here at 6AM – no, don’t ask!) doing what I do best, eat chocolate, drink lots of coke and read all of my favorite blogs and realized that my Christmas was NOT as cool as the other kids.

The best part of the holidays, besides the presents? (and I got some good ones)…I got a whole blessed day to myself, no work, no boyfriend, no family, no roommate, no to-do’s… just me with a box of Godiva chocolate (gift from the bosses) and the control in one had, lazily splatter on my comfy couch for a total of 12 hours, knocking off all of the CSI’s, ER’s, NipTuck’s episodes that have been sitting on my TIVO list for the past 8 weeks – yes EIGHT WEEKS! That is how busy I been, so busy that I have not had a chance to watch TV in EIGHT WEEKS!

But, the best part is yet to come! Because for the next 3-4 days this little baby

is about to show up at my front door, in a nice white box and oh boy, oh boy, OH BOY! Can you see me jumping up and down like a kid with cake!

Yes you can…image the amount of playing I will be doing in the next few days!


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