And this post comes to you with compliments….

31 Dec

of my shinny, new MacBook… Oh yes, I have jumped the fence and I’m now a Mac owner (the initials are my initials, it was just a matter of time).

The BF called me yesterday, while I was shopping with BFF at the mall to let me know that FedEx had drop off the “lover” at the house.. Oh boy!!!! BFF and I could not jump in the car fast enough… go home and rip the package open… even the cardboard protector is a made of a beautiful design… (that makes the designer in me go weak at the knees) My friends who are owners of Apple warned me that the easy of installation would blow me away, since it would take only 3 clicks, filling out a couple of field and then voila! I will be surfing the net and playing without any glitches. Being a PC owner for most of my life and pretty season on the trial and head banging in dealing with the configuration of a new computer, I was finding it hard to believe that it would be that easy to do – skeptic, what can I tell you.

So, when I release my new Mac from its box I plug it in, flip open the top and got ready to tell it where everything was around my network, wireless Internet connections and preferences.

Annddddd….It slapped me right back… and made me sit pretty and basically did the work all by itself… it booted up, asked me a couple of questions, found the network, found the Internet connection and then after 5 min (FIVE!) it was working like a well oiled machine (THE WAY IT SHOULD, after you pluck down a hefty amount of money!) BFF and I were believers! We found the holy grail people… finally something that works, the way its suppose to. I was doing the happy, happy joy, joy dance all over the living room.

We then spent the next 5 hours playing with everything on it. I cannot begin to tell you what my favorite thing is because…well, I like … no, I LOVE everything about it! EVERYTHING! So much so, that I’m going to continue to play with it, surf the Internet, read more blogs and maybe built a calendar, a iMix CD…ohhhh or a iMovie! Can you tell you guys will be guinea pigs in my next big adventures…

In other news…I wish all of you a great 2007, with lots of love, health, money, surprises and of course cake!


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