HOLA! From Barcelona… ok, technically from NYC, but its presents, not as good as cake, but a tight close second in my book.

4 Jan

Today I got a FedEx package deliver to me at the office.

It was from my NYC boys, who are like, basically my adoptive brothers (I just love those guys to pieces.) Hi guys!

I open it and it had pretty paper inside

You know what that means right?

Oh lucky me….

The NYC Boys has just gotten back from a Christmas holiday trip to Spain (I was green with envy) Hi guys!

And we all know what that means right?

The box contain…A beautiful silver ring which I so put on my finger faster than licking frosting off the top of cake.

And the best part yet?

A 2007 Agenda from Mafalda – and this, this is the best thing ever, because I love Mafalda, I grew up with her and I needed that bit of back-to-the-past moment of childhood and it was so good to know that there are someone in this world that can make that happen for me with a simple thought.

You boys are the bomb!


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