Getting to know the real you

5 Jan

My god, did 2007 started with its breaks on? This week has just crawled and I mean really, really move at a snail’s pace …and finally it’s here, the last day of the week, the one that all of us wait for and pray for and basically count the hours for – beloved FRIDAY, which I have been waiting since like F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

Because I have BIG plans this weekend… BIG! It involves my PJ’s, TV remote control, a couple of Netflix movies and of course cake.

It’s also the last weekend that I will have with the BF, who has stayed with me this past two weeks, because he was one of those lucky people that have a job that gives them a 2 week winter break (Jealous much? I’m NOT!). This folks, it’s like a huge accomplishment for me. I tend to be very jealous of my spaces and the thought of sharing such space, and with a man, sometimes just throws me into a tizzy-fit. So when BF suggested (back in November) that he could come on down and spend his “winter break” with me (if I wanted), I was like trying to find all available excuses to just not deal with that. Unfortunately, I did not have very strong arguments and BF landed on my doorstep mid December.

The first couple of days I was to busy to with the holiday cooking, shopping, decorating, I basically forgot there was another human being breathing around me. Then slowly but surely there he was… ALL OVER! And I had to do some quick adjusting. At first it was feelings of resentment that I just could not have my space when I wanted and how I wanted it. And what I wanted was to be able to scratch myself and run around in my torn underwear damn it!

But, now?

Now I had to think about shaving my legs, and making sure my hair was brushed, and putting on clothes, because there was another person around me. But, after the initial panic I realized, wait! I do need to scratch myself and run around in my torn underwear, because this is who I am and if we are going to make it down the long road, this is what he will have to deal with (and more), so I stopped trying to be all miss put-together and really live in my space the way I do day in and out.

I think I was trying to scare him off.

I think It did not work.

He stuck around and in the meantime marked a sort of passage within our relationship. Because anyone will tell you, you really learn about a person when you live with them …

  1. I hate his toothpaste, it has a medical sort of taste (I found this out, when I had to borrow some when I ran out of my mint fresh flavor) and I don’t care for it.
  2. He washes dishes! And puts them away too (it did not matter that I had to re-arrange them, because I could not find a thing. We are giving him a big A for effort!)
  3. He snores when he is really tired and into a deep sleep (but stops when I nudge him)
  4. He hogs the bed covers (I have since giving him his own comforter and told him in no uncertain terms he is to pull on mine during the night, or I will kick his ass out of bed).
  5. He searches me out during the night and pulls me towards him (sappy, I know… and I secretly like it – psst, don’t tell anyone!)
  6. He is a fast learner.
  7. He likes to sleep in the middle of the bed (yeah, like THAT was going to happen, see #4!)
  8. He has to take a shower before he goes to bed at night (his argument: he has more time to sleep in the morning before going to work – have since, started to take night showers).
  9. He does not mind the cats and has taken over the feeding duties. (for now)
  10. He can cook his own breakfast and not cut/burn/damage himself or the kitchen in the process.
  11. He cleans after himself. He vacuumed the bedrooms last night (what is up with that?).
  12. He eats the same breakfast every morning (this drives me insane!)
  13. He is picky about food (this drives me even more insane) and his favorite word when it comes to my “Try it” is “I don’t feel like it”… (Told you, INSANE!).
  14. He can watch sports on TV even thought he is not interested in the sport being played/shown. (What is the point I say?).
  15. He smokes at least one cigar every night.
  16. He follows thru his promises: He has painted my front door, put up shelves in the kitchen, installed the ice maker, hanged my new window treatment, and its going to do the kitchen backsplash. (Benefit!).
  17. He takes out the trash! (And brings the garbage can back into the yard).
  18. Sex all the time (Benefit, a huge one too!).
  19. He is ok in giving me space to just be (Benefit)
  20. He loves me (Shit, I’m in trouble now)

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