Ohhh the Drama!

6 Jan

Last night as I was on my way to the apple store in town (my new obsession) I received a phone call from the BF:

BF: Monica, I read what you wrote on your blog and I did not like it.
Me: What (he was getting cut off and all I got was read, blog, not)?
BF: I was on the laptop and your blog popped up and I read what you said about my parents, how could you say those things?
Me: BF, I have no clue what you are talking about. (The reception was terrible)
BF: Your blog, your blog
Me: Ok, wait, how you find the blog?
BF: I don’t know… it just popped up on the screen (I bet it did!)
Me: Really? Well what about it? So you read what I wrote about your parents…and you did not like it… What you want me to do about it?
BF: Well I’m hurt and I cannot believe that you wrote something like that.
Me: Listen I will discuss with you when I get home, the connection is bad and I can barely get hear what you are telling me and this is something that needs discussing face to face.
BF: Fine.

Got home…he was sitting watching TV. Looking all pissy-like.

Me: So ready to discuss?
BF: What can I say… I’m hurt, I cannot believe you did that.
Me: What I want to understand is that how you got to the blog in the first place.
BF: I don’t know. It just popped up on the screen.
Me: What else did you read?
BF: Nothing else just that.
Me: Ok, let me recap a sec. My blog page, that you knew nothing about (he did not know that I even had a work website!) pops up on the screen, and it just happens to do so on the post of your parents meeting, which its under the archives, since it was written over a month ago and you have to search to get to it in the first place, plus its not and obvious post about meeting your parents in the first since the title has nothing to do with the meeting the first place, so that means you had to read quite a bit to get to that point… I got it right? (yeah.. righhttttttt)
BF: Well I have no idea how I got there. (of course you do!)
Me: Ok, BF… I going to choose to believe that lie, because we are not getting anywhere. So what do you want from me.
BF: An apology.
Me: For what? Writing something that happen and that it was true? Sorry, I’m not giving you an apology, I have nothing to apologized. BF, if you go around snooping …oh, sorry, having things popped up … and you start to read something that obviously looks private but you choose to read anyways then you need to deal with it. I have not said anything on the blog that I have not said to your face. Your parents meeting included. An apology from me is not coming.
BF: So I have to live with it and get pass it?
Me: Apparently so. And if you happen to have things pop up again, let me give you an heads up…I hold no barrels when it comes to writing on my blog…so unless you have the stomach for it, I suggest you best not go clicking around.
BF: Oh, don’t worry… I wont touch your computer anymore.
Me: Fine, I have nothing to hide from you, but if that is what you choose to do, then so be it.

And that was my Friday night drama. Our first fight too – there was more to it, but it was a lot of blah, blah, blah and at the end, we sort of went our different ways to deal with it. Saturday morning we started with a showdown, sort of like two cats that got into a fight and were off in their individual corners licking their wounds (well his wounds – mine were fine). Eventually, he realized that it was a no-win situation on his part and he better come to terms with it, because I was not going to show remorse or be sorry for my writing. By Saturday afternoon we had bigger fish to fry.

Now, some of you may argue that since I put it out there he had every right to read it, and that he had the right to be mad, I may agree with you, except that I have keep the BF clueless of my blog, because:

a) I never thought he could handle the doses of truth that sometimes spills out of me (case in point see above)… which in some cases are straight and to the heart and with no chance of escape. And yes they do sometimes make a mess.

b) I learned from my last relationship (with the x – Hi X!) that sometimes its better to keep your mouth shut about the blog. Once you tell them.. then you start to edit yourself, trying to make sure the feelings are not hurt and that does nothing but ruin the free-flowing stuff I can sometimes put here. Plus is a sure way of getting a phone call from your “x” asking why in the hell did I put that there about him. Hi “x”! And basically, if you broke up with me, I don’t owe you an explanation – be a man and deal.

c) My blog is my way of venting and shouting out my inner feelings about my relationship with the BF, my friends, co-workers, my family, the stupid person holding up the line in the supermarket line. And what good would it do if I cannot do it anymore? I would go crazy and take it out on him..so he better appreciate that this blog keeps the balance on the relationship or he would be in major trouble.

And how was your weekend?


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