Weekend Warrior

14 Jan

I know I been neglecting this site for a while. It has been a very, very tough week at work… projects and numerous big fires and little fires to put out… it has been crazy! And I’m really, mentally just popped….coming home every night at 8pm, usually guarantees that all I want to do is take off my clothes, put on my comfy pj’s and crash. My Tivo list has like a mile long of programs that I just do not have time to even look at – I think I have even forgotten what is in there.

My weekends have been filled in completing DYI projects around the house. In the last couple of weeks I have become (with the help of BF) a weekend warrior, or actually the weekend warrior helper, because BF is one of those that work better alone. I’m trying to show him the right path, which is if he happens to be near me with power tools at hand, he better make room, since I’m going to be right beside him helping. Like it or not. The boy is a fast learner: by Project 2 he understood the drill.

Project #1 was painting my front door, inside and out. After visiting the local home supply store and looking at gazillion paint options, I opted to go with red and black. Yep, a bit flashing, but I have always loved a house that has a red front door, it takes guts to carry that color and since I’m a gutsy girl, why the hell not? The results were spectacular, as you can see below:

Then I went even bolder and painted the inside of the front door pure ebony (yeah black – for those of us in the un-designer world) it was a suggestion from one of the NY Boys and he should know since he is a interior designer and you never ever say no to an interior designer, unless you are in Trading Spaces, because those, those people are crazy.. but my NY Boy.. oh he is a great designer and I’m not going to snub the voice of reason and expertise. Plus I see enough HGTV to know better. The inside of the front door… in all its glory:

Then we moved to project number 2, which was installing some bookshelf in my kitchen in order to hold all of my cookbooks. I been wanting to do this project since I moved to my house 2 years ago, but I never trusted myself to put up the shelfs that would hold pounds and pounds of weight of books. (yes I have A LOT of cookbooks. I love to use them, read them, collect them) So I let BF put them up and BFF and I were in charge of sanding them and then stained them into this rich, gorgeous black (ok, I know, I’m stuck on the black theme here).

So by doing a bit of this messy step and tons of wash on and wash off and dealing with gloves that peeled and stained hands and numerous washes to get the black off my fingernails it was all worth it. Because now I have one of those cool looking kitchen bookshelf that just kicks ass and looks all nice and sophisticated, and when people see it, I get lots of ohhh’s, ahhh’s ending with comments of “wow, you have a lot of cookbooks, do you use them to cook?” The final results:

Then came project 3 – the Kitchen backsplash, which was the most difficult, since it was all a vision on my head, plus we were dealing with materials that neither the BF or I ever used and it was hard to put it into words (and drawings) in how it was going to come out. I have granite countertops, which seems to be easy to pair with a nice tile. Let me in a bit of a secret: IT.IS NOT. After visiting a billion tile suppliers, searching the Internet, looking a design magazines and asking over and over again what to do. I just could not think of what to do in order to achieve what my vision in my head was. I had given up to just leave the wall bared, as much as I hated to see it. Then I saw the light, *cough*, sorry, A SHOW in HGTV (of course) with Candice Olson, who I believe is the best designer out there (NY Boy agrees!), and she had a kitchen project and the backsplash after putting down a busy granite countertop (like mine)? Stainless Steel! I sat up and took notice!! That was it, that was what I wanted. So, I set out to duplicate it (sort of) and after lots of learning curve balls and one scratch sheet of steel, my kitchen is now a proud show off! See for yourself… and yes ohhh’s and ahh’s are welcomed.

yep… a very proud show off!

For now we have put those power tools away (until next weekend, we have a minor Project 4 on the works). and have decided to take a break on them and recharged the batteries (for now). But, I can say that I’m proud of my (our) accomplishments and the fact that BF and I did not kill eachother with those tools.

There is hope for us still.


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