Sunday Brunch

22 Jan

1. Lay in bed way after you have woken up. Play a bit, laugh a lot and then go in for the kill “mmmm, doncha feel like French toast, baby?” (works every time!)
2. Spend more time in bed, no deciding were to get the fabulous French toast and latte. Decide there is only one place to go
3. Dress lazy, I mean it’s Sunday, who do you need to impress? (and karma laughed!)
4. Drop the top on the convertible, put on the hat and zip by Sunday lazy traffic to destination, enjoying the sun and the company.
5. Park, walk hand-n-hand and smile big at the hostest and tell you that you must have the table outside in the patio, put your name on the list and mossy over to stand outside to people watch.
6. Do a double take when the girl walks by and think to yourself: “Wait, Do I know her?”
7. Realize that your Sunday brunch just may go sour – wayy sour
8. Confirm #7
9. Turn to the BF and calmly mention: “heads up baby, my “x” is walking up to us with his kids”
10. Try to hid in plain site, discovered that it cannot be done and wait for what is about to happen.
11. Smile when you hear your name being shouted by a childish voice
12. Smile even bigger when your “X” come up to you and tells you “hey you”
13. Introduce the “X” to the BF, and the BF to the “X” fiancee (damn it, I knew it, I knew her!)
14. Keep cool while the fiancee send you dirty looks, because the “X” kids are all over you.
15. Confirm that men are the same as girls and watch in amazement when the “X” and current BF puff themselves in front of you (what babies!)
16. Make small, polite talk with the fiancee while counting the seconds till its OVER. Realized that she looks worse than you and feel instantly better about the whole thing.
17. Give thanks to the man upstair when your table is ready and you need to cut the chat.
18. Run… *cough*, walk very tall, very proud to your table.
19. Talk down the fiancee (because we are woman and that is what we do)
20. Give yourself a mental shake down, pick up the menu, smile pretty at BF and proceed to order the best French Toast and Latte. Enjoy the full sun on your face, realized that the man across from you is all you need and plan to show him ways to prove it to him after brunch.


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