To much bad

30 Jan

I feel like I been playing catch up with everyone and everything: with the BF, the work, with home stuff, with friends, with family, with emails, with pretty much my life!

I been putting 12 to 13 hours at work daily. I have no idea how that has happen, except that it is happening and its just frying my brain to pieces. Having to deal everyday with 40+ year olds behaving like 5 years old has pretty much scared my ovaries to death… babies? PLEASE, I’m not having those, those are just to.hard, plus they grow up and revert to being babies.

And talking about babies… BF had got a case of babytitis. A BAD case.

I have no idea if he is feeding off my exhaustion, thus causing me to be extra moody, irrational and just plain not very good company (as if I don’t have enough to worry about!). I know he is trying to just go with the flow and by doing so he is walking around me like he is walking into a room full of eggshells, and that… THAT is just driving me insane. So much so that this weekend it was all about fighting. Friday we fought on the way to the mall. Saturday we fought half way thru the day, Sunday as much as I was missing him leaving me, deep down I was sort of glad that he was leaving because I was just waiting to get my space back and I could just stomp on all of those eggshells in the room, and nobody will care one bit.

I was a happy camper. It was me, the cats and the jar of Nutella. And since they don’t talk back I was pretty much set.

The worse part of it is that instead of getting better, things are going to get much worse.
At work, at home, everywhere in general… and I know for sure that Nutella and the cats are not going to be much help and my mood is going to skyrocket in one big hurricane that will be taking no prisoners on its wake.

Poor BF has not idea what is coming.

The good news is that if he can weather my hurricane mood, then he can pretty much weather everything else.

So, maybe there may be something good out of this bad.


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