Its been to long… its time to check out.

6 Feb

As some of you realized I have left the blog for dead. And I miss it, but there has been so much stuff going on, that the thought of putting 2 coherent sentences together just makes my brain go mush.

Why mush?

Because in the last few week I been constantly thinking. No down time, no time for me to just think of nothingness (is that even a word? it must be, since the spell check did not pick it up!). So where was I? Oh yeah, not thinking. The down side of all of that thinking is that I become annoying (even to myself) And I need a break, I’m snapping at everything and everyone around me (sorry, guys, if you have felt my wrath in the last few weeks!) and instead of making me feel better, I feel even more pressure and hysterical.

I needed a distraction PRONTO and it came in a the form of party time.

My sister had a housewarming party this past Saturday and I was lucky enough to have the people that are closest to me in attendance. The NYBoys came down from freezing temperature . The BFF came up from Miami, and everyone I presently know and hang out in one way or another in my town showed up. This is a miracle in its self. I had plenty of party where the number of confirmed attendees always falls short on the day of the event. Everyone suddlenly develops a bad case of I-cant-make-it sickness, which is so rude, don’t these people know that we slaved over the kitchen to feed them, just so we can then bask in our awesomeness when they oh and ahh over the menu and the decorations and the stupid games we make the play.

The party was a success. Everyone was on time, another first…being LATINA and having lived in Miami for over 15 years teaches you that when you invite people to a party at 7pm, you are really telling them to get their asses there at 10PM. Which is perfect because we are never on time for anything, not even the act of being ready for our own parties.

Yeah, well not here…here we said 8pm and people showed up at 7:30pm.. (HELLO, what ever happen to being fashionably late? Yeah, that dance don’t play here.) But, it was a good party and with it came a bit of the mental void that I wanted (of course the 4 Margaritas I had helped tremendously) in the last couple of days. I did not think about anything except to smile and look hot in the pictures, mingle and make sure my boot heel did not get caught in the groves of the deck, I was not there to put up a dinner show, trust me.

The thing is that its Monday and the dream is over. I’m back in the rat race, and running a gazillion miles per seconds and with no end in sight. Which means that it has come time to put all the stops and start planning for that week vacation and you bet your ass that it will involved a bunch of sand, the smell of salt and sea, not to mention pretty glasses with little umbrellas on top and of course the best thing ever, the best of friends.

And nothing can beat that.


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