Ok, it is a corny holiday, but I got chocolate!

15 Feb

Ok.. this is my first Valentine with someone in about 3 years. The 5 years I was in my last relationship did not count, since that “ex” did not believe in the hallmark manufactured holiday (hey his words, not mine… even thought I secretly agree with him)

Now the BF seems to be very BIG with Valentines, so I was expecting things, not that I care, (Who am I kidding?) Ok, Ok, secretly, I ‘m one of those that put the poker face on, call this day corny and oh, sooo stupid, but deep inside I want to get the big bouquet of flowers at work, and the box of chocolate and the stupid card and the dinner and of course the presents, because lets be honest here… it.all.about.the.presents. And in this case this holiday it has to be something that is nice and shiny – (or at least in my world).

So the BF started to campaign about this day, weeks ago, telling me he had already gotten my gift and planning where to go to dinner and that he was going to drive down to my town to spend the evening with me… blah, blah, blah. To me it was just another Wed of the week (but secretly was loving it that he was thinking about it and doing something). He started his big Vday countdown (as I started to called it) last weekend when he showed up Friday night with this:

and if that was not enough with this:

Now as some of my friends now, I have come really close to doing some crazy things in my life just to get a Baci bonbons…

Of course when I open the bag and the gasp came out of me upon seeing this, he was shocked wondering how one single bag of chocolate can make me that hot (because I did wet myself a bit there) No matter how much I explained it he still did not get it. At the end all I told him was “Babe, all you need to know? Keep these present coming and you will be fine”.

The weekend continued the following day, when we were off to see Tarpon Springs (other wise know as “Sponge” town) This is made up of a main street that is filled with shops after shop that sell soap and sponges and crappy souvenir’s, oh a great Greek food (and pastries)… it took its about 1 hour to walk up and down the main street and then we sort of stumble on shops that had nothing to do with sponges or soap. I got out of him, a hat, a t-shirt, a sticker and some great cookies!

Today he showed up with more flowers (sunflowers this time!) and a big box which upon opening contain a glass Murano hand made heart pendant called Heart of Venice, which is crafted by a glass master. The process originated in the 17th century by an Italian family and it combines hand made Murano glass with various metal oxides and 24-carat gold leaves. Its actually very beautiful. I know he put some thought into it… he knows that I like the unusual, specially when it comes to jewelery and the fact that its Italian made (the ancestors) since he knows I have a soft spot for anything Italian (see the chocolate above) made. He ended the evening with a nice dinner at a popular restaurant.

So for not liking the holiday, it was not bad, I got the flowers, the card, the present the chocolate and everything to my liking. I mean, the poker face can work for some things, but today the only face I had on was one of happiness, because as much as BF has his faults he also have loads of good stuff and at the end of the day, we want to be with the guy that remembers the corny holidays and goes out of the way to make it extra special.

Happy Valentine!


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