Tuesday in 13 easy steps

21 Feb
  1. wake up and get to work late, because you had to stop and give blood for some test your Dr. keeps insisting you need to do.
  2. work like the energizer bunny all day long
  3. realized there is nothing on your refrigerator back at home… call the duo’s house and auto-invite yourself to dinner
  4. arrive and realized that your sister is trying out a new dish for tonights dinner… Sushi anyone?
  5. calm the sister down, when the rice does not cooperate, help out a bit and built your first sushi piece, then realized its fun and help out with the rest… this is what the end product looked like… yum!
  6. realize that you may have a future photographing food, not bad eh?
  7. eat, spend time with the duo
  8. come home and take BF call
  9. have the biggest fight on the phone with BF and realized that man are stupid most of the time
  10. resolved to yourself that the relationship has issues and you are hiding behind sticky rice
  11. write about it
  12. eat a piece of chocolate
  13. go to bed to start all over again

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