Festival time

5 Mar

Every year, Plant City, Florida host a festival which dates back to the 1930’s. This city celebrates once a year for 2 weeks the bountiful harvest of the strawberries and do they ever! Whatever your interests, they pretty much have it all. Exhibits of agriculture, commerce, industry, livestock (were else can you witness pig races!), fine arts, horticulture, and crafts not to mention rides, music (Hootie & The Blowfish, LeAnn Rimes, Kenny Rogers and many more are playing!) and of course food as in festival food! Do I need to say more?

That is why BF and I bundle up, and headed to enjoy one sunny (but cold) Sunday among the berries, corn dogs, rides and weird people (makes a great people watch day!).

Nothing eventful happen, except that as soon as we walked to the gates the smell of the different foods on a grill hits you straight and your mouth start to water. Not to mention what the people around you carry on their hands. BF and I headed straight to this stand, because you are not in a festival unless you eat one of these:

and eat we did…down with a nice cool refreshing freshly squeeze lemonade, which we searched for and we ended up, buying one of these for me:

sprinkled with some hot cayenne pepper… yumO! Of course after much walking and basting under the Floridian sun, and basically trying to give our stomach some rest (after the corn, we ate a funnel cake, then we sample some candy, popcorn and finally we had to put a stop on our food rampage or else we would never would had space to finish the day with one of these:

all the whipped cream and moist cake, and sweet, sweet strawberries… and whoever replaces that with a biscuit should be shot! Unless of course that before mentioned biscuit is toasted and some ice cream is involved. BF and I agreed that we are not having anything but there real strawberry shortcake…that is why there is CAKE in the name… no biscuit! And it was worth the 20 minute standing in line and the $3.50 price.

I cannot wait for our next venture out.. there is the Renaissance festival.. maybe I can convince the BF to dress like the 16th century and go score more corn dogs…..


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