I should play the lotto with these stats!

16 Mar

So, what are the possibilities of coming face to face with someone I dated previously by opening my front door?

In my world? Very, Very high.

I have lost my roommate and been advertising her room for the past 2 weeks. Today I had an appointment with a “prospect”.

6:30pm.. I open the door and guess who is on the other side? A guy I dated (those fast coffee dates of mine, from the past) about a year ago.

YEAH! This one is coming back to bite me in the ass!

I recognized him, in like 0 to 60…. I tried to do the “I have not clue who you are” dance.

Did not work…

The roadkill went something like this:

The guy: “Hey, wait a sec… don’t I know you?”
Me: “You do?” (, putting my best confuse look on my face, I was going to play that card until I could no more)
The guy: “Yes, I do know you, we went out on a coffee date”
Me: :::F***! no way out::: “OMG, that is right”

And for the next 20 min I suffered and remember vividly why the coffee date took only 15 min. I mean what are the freaking odds on this?

Of course, he goes into the “NO, REJECT” pile.

This weekend I’m so buying a lotto ticket, my lucky streak has to hold!

Note to self: Maybe I should stick with female roommates??


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