You really don’t know a person until…

20 Mar

you break up with them.

So the now ex-bf has started to show its true colors, or maybe they were always there and I just decided to live in la-la-land for 8 month, who knows.

I understand that his feelings were way more deep than mine, and of course he is probably having a worse time than me to get over the whole break-up… but, is that really an excuse to behave like a 5 year old with a grudge?

I think not.

The day after I broke up with him, he called me to ask me a computer questions (he has not clue what end or a computer is up or down – or so he lead me to believe) after I told him what to do and resolved it via phone, he took the opportunity of asking if it would be ok to send him a care package once in a while containing his favorite cigars. I responded in kind, telling him that I did not mind at all, and that sure thing, I will do him the favor.

This past Sunday, when he came by to pick up his stuff, I asked him for a favor back… and the man had the balls to tell me “I have to think about it”… THE HELL???? Oh yes, he had to think about it. I was pretty much pissed off but let it go, I wanted to be the BETTER person.

Today I received an email from him, telling me that he just did not feel comfortable doing me the favor and he wanted to make sure I totally understood… blah, blah, blah… I stop reading… after that shit.

But I did send him an email telling him that as far as his care package went, he could pretty much get that shit himself and to grow up.

Yes, I acted like the 5 year with a grudge, but at this point, who the hell cares, sometimes there is more satisfaction acting like a 5 year old than being the better person.


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