Blasting to the past

23 Mar

This weekend is all about touching base with people from my past, mostly old boyfriends, and dating flames… yeah, it should be good.

Tonight a old friend and I are going to get together, this old friend was a boyfriend of mine, in fact the last long relationship that I had – we clocked that at 5 years, I’m surprise to look back and realized that we lasted a whole five years before we came to that fork in the road … you know the one, were you want something and he does not and both end up having a power struggle for a bit until you realized that it’s a lost cause, so you either suck it up and stay, (being the loser), or you run. I pretty much ran, very far away.

The thing is that out of all of the men I had in my life, this boyfriend was the one that not only understood me to my very core but got me, all of me… the dark and twisty moments and the stupid moments and just totally got me. He was also my biggest challenge, he kept me on my toes and the best conversations I have ever had, has been with this man. We still have them, we can be on the phone for hours (something, that some of you know, I’m not too fond of doing in the first place), but with him hours melt away and it’s just comfortable and right.

Now, you are probably wondering, why in the hell I did not stay in the relationship if it was so great right?

Well, just as there was the good, there was the bad too. And it all came down to our very strong-willed, do or die personalities and that was the death of us. When we both wanted our ways, there was no way in hell for us to budge on our own position. And that is acceptable to have when you are friends, (you are willing to forgive this trait in a friend) but in a relationship not so good. Eventually one has to give in and I’m all for once in a while giving in but, I’m NOT all for being the one that ALWAYS gave in. So we parted ways, but we stayed best of friends. So once in a while we touch base, drink lots of wine have deep conversations and toast to the fact that we can look back at our time together as a couple and not have one ounce of regret. So, I’m looking forward to this tonight, there will be good booze and good times!

Then on Sunday, I’m going on a picnic! Yes, an honest to goodness picnic with the wicker basket and the plastic plates and glasses and a good bottle of wine. Because this old flame gave me a call and asked if he could whisk me away to a relaxing Sunday picnic by the park. And right now sitting on the grass, drinking and eating, while looking up at the clear blue sky and soaking up a bit of Florida sun sounds just about the right thing for me to clear my head and get a bit of my mojo back.


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