What about that weekend?

28 Mar

So my weekend plans… got changed a bit….

Friday, the 5-year ex did come on by, and we had a blast. We had dinner, he made me cook. (But, then he always had the ability to make me do things I did not want to do.) So cooking I did, and we had a fun, night. It was relaxing, easy and just like old times. Good to know that after all, our friendship did last, that is what use to keep us solid and its nice to know that it was not lost after the breakup.

Saturday I got a nice surprise when my BFF called me from cubanland (Miami) and told me that she was on her way to my town to spend the weekend with me. So, plans had to made! Instead of a picnic it because a weekend filled with major catching up (she brought along a friend from the past too – see the recurring theme!) and lots of drinking and eating – what could be better?

Sunday, my picnic plans were still on, except that the original host fell thru and ended up canceling his attendance due to work. Not to be outdone, we moved the picnic to poolside and enjoy the beautiful, hot day… sitting on hammocks, drinking “claras” (7-up and beer, try it, before you go uck!, its the most refreshing drink ever!) and planning how BFF could relocated to my city.

All in all, I cannot complaint, my weekend was a blast from the past, enjoyed with the people that I love most, and what could be better than that?

In the meantime I’m at home sick as a dog, nursing a nasty little cold, that I’m sure I got by drinking out by the bay saturday night… small price to pay I say!


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