When you have too many choices and to much information

4 Apr

Ok, I know you guys are waiting for the recap of the grape stomp and I will provided it, but I’m waiting for pictures that someone else took and has decided to hold hostage – YES, I’m talking to you sis! – HAND THEM OVER!

See, I took my old camera to the festival and being the camera that it is (as in OLD), it took one picture and went and die on me, as in “I’m tired from taking the last picture, and I just need a rest, so there!” Thankfully, my sister had hers which was a struck of luck, since she never has her camera on her, or around her (I have no idea why she owns it in the first place!). So we used hers, and now is day 3 after our grape stomp and I have yet to see the all of the pictures that were taken. So, I decided to take matter into my own hands and no longer be held picture hostage and decided to upgrade my digital camera, because the one that I have is like a trillion years old (in electronic years, have mention that before, right? But, seriously, its old) and I need to honestly join the updated electronic race right now.

So for the last two days I been searching and searching for the right camera, the one that makes my heart go pum-pum and makes me break out into a desired sweat, (sort of like when I see a pair of shoes I like or a purse that I know I just cannot, CANNOT live without.) and while I have seen some that I really loved, my pocketbook and my common sense prevents me from plucking more that $250 for it. I love to take pictures, but a photographer I am not, and I can be perfectly happy with a mid-price-range camera, even low-range as long as the quality and ease of use justifies the price. Plus, when it comes to plucking more than $50 on anything, I tend to research the hell out of it – I’m an internet baby, what can I say.

The problem that I’m having is with amount of options out there. Within the price range that I have set for myself, I have found so many choice, some good ones, some not so good. I have read up more about digital cameras that I ever want to in my lifetime. (Bet you have no idea what “Pictmotion” means? Yeah, I thought so).

I have become now a prisoner of “TMI”, (to much information). I long for those days, where you would only have 2-3 choices to pick and that is it, but having over 20-30 choices its just to much pressure. I decided that I needed to narrow it down somehow and I started with the manufacturer and the top 3 contenders for the most part are: Nikon, Sonny and Cannon. This is based on the amount of good review across the board and the fact that they tend built a product that is pleasing to the eye as well as easy to learn/use it I the first place. Then of course price, which is nil, since all of them can run you from the bottom to the top of my set budget.
So after all of this, do you think I have a contender? I do not. I do like Nikon Coolpix since it’s slim and has a big LDC screen, and since I’m a graphic designer I really like this feature, I tend to mentally arrange the actually picture while I’m pointing and shooting. The same goes for the Sony Cybershot, and the Cannon Powershot. But in the end, I want something that is small to carry around, and takes good pictures, clean and sharp.

I’m still on the fence with them and it’s frustrating the hell out of me, because when I want something I tend to work pretty fast on getting it and this has become a shore and it has taken all of the enjoyment out of it. And if I end up with a bad camera, I will need to hunt and make heads roll, which wont works, since I cannot hunt or make my own head roll. Where is a boyfriend when you need one (so they can take the blame!).

How about you guys, do you have any good tips or recommendations? If you do, drop me an email and let me know which way to go before I dump this endeavor all together and stick with my dinosaur.


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