The first bite

11 Apr

So, the fishes (aka: dating prospects) have been coming into my pond and so far we have all kids of fishes. The old fishes wanting a “friend”, the young fishes wanting “to play”, the middle age fishes “not knowing what they want” and some fishes looking very good (on paper so far). One of those has chosen to take a bite and last night we went out.

The date: 30 min coffee date

The fish: Was on time (I was late – but I called!), he was dressed very nice, had the most gorgeous eyes and great smile (points for him, since he looked like the picture posted on his profile). He bought the coffee, I fought him, since I was making up for being late, and he graciously accepted with a promise that next time it was on him. (This was 5 min into the date, so I guess I made an impression, for him to talk about the future so fast). He has good conversation, great humor (he even got my stupid jokes), did not overpower the conversation, and had a wide range of topics and then some. The date turn into an hour and half date without either of us noticing it. He invited me to extend to dinner, I, unfortunately, had a previous engagement, so I had to decline. We said goodbye, hugged and parted ways with “I will call you”

The after date: When I got home he tag me via IM, we spoke for a bit, he told me how impress he was with me and that not only did I looked like my profile picture, I came across in person as I did in paper (we been exchanging emails for about 2-3 days now, plus chatted via IM some) – score!

Overall score: 85% (why, you may ask, since it seem to have gone so well?), Because, I live in the real world and even thought the first impressions were very good, he still can mess it up… most of them do.

Probability of compatibility: high 90s’. We have tons of things in common, one which is dancing, so I’m keeping him around for him to take me spinning on the dance floor, since I feel the need to get my grove going.

Tag name moving forward: The Pilot (yes, he is one) maybe instead of dancing shoes I should practice my flying capabilities.


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