To get more fish, I need to pack my stuff and move

13 Apr
According to this little map

it appears that I’m living in the wrong part of the US.
As anything in life, in order to find more available men, you need to become a dating whore. The more you put yourself out “there”, the more “fishes” you see, which in turn gives you the highest percentage of finding the man that will knock your socks off and give you the reason to contemplate having babies with and eating ice cream naked.
It’s a numbers game basically. Sort of like playing the lottery, you need to buy the ticket in order to have the possibility of hitting the jackpot. But, just like the lottery, we sometimes just give in, because it’s too hard to keep buying the ticket and having nothing to show for.

So when I see this map, it gives me more reason to understand why I’m just wasting my time. Its obvious that I’m in the wrong side of the country. All those warnings about impending hurricanes not only scared off real state market, but the dating pool as well.

And isn’t that a kicker, I always had a thing for cowboys.


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