Open Bar… not a good thing

16 Apr

Last night I was invited to an all out gala event. My old ex, who is very important in his community, is part of a committee who purpose it to raise money for scholarships for under privilege kids. This was always important and he had dedicated time and effort in this cause. So much so that this committed, headed by another important person in the community has put up a huge event to raise money for the cause.

I got the best part of it…

a free invitation (tickets were $150+)

I got to dress up to the gills, and strut myself around in a room full of doctors, lawyers and political people… is that is not one good pool to find a date, I don’t know what is.

The evening was a complete success. I look damn good (yeah, I’m conceited – deal with it) and being with the ex, that knew pretty much everyone there, made for interesting attention. So with a lot of eating, drinking (damn the open bar) and huge amounts of dancing and salsa dancing to boot! I got home at the respectable hour of 4AM.

God, I felt like I was 20 again…

Then I woke up at 1pm and felt like I was a run down old person… because apparently while my mind was going “you go girl”.. my body was telling me “you dumb ass”.

My next step was to move from my bed to the couch and drink as much liquid and my body would hold and also eat lots of ice cream. Why ice cream? Apparently that is what my body craves all day long in order to make the headaches go away.

Did it work?


I just need to learn to understand that 20 years old.. I’m not, time to grow up a little

But I highly recommend eating ice cream all day long.


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