Something on the air

19 Apr

As some of you may know I don’t have children and of course to compensate (as a shrink will tell you) I have 2 cats. They are my babies. Well-behaved cats too. They don’t talk back, at least one of them – Mocha… Cleo, the oldest of the two, well that is another story.

About a week ago, I woke up in the middle of the night because something just felt off, normally both of them go about their night routine (mainly playing around the house) and then settle at the foot of my bed, to sleep it off. Even during my sleep I can tell when they are at the food of the bed and all is right with the world. But that night I woke up with a start and looked over and got only one set of eyes staring back at me.

Cleo was no there.

I listen for a bit, and then called out to her, usually that is all I need for her to answers back with a quick “meow” and the running of paws over the floor, rushing into the bedroom from where ever she is in the house. I called out to her again and I got nothing back, no meow, no rushing in. My heart jumped a bit at this but I was still not worried. I figure she was stuck in my roommate room, they sometimes tend to wander in there and when my roommate closes the door of her room they are stuck until one of us lets them out. I tried to go back to sleep, but the urge was just too great, I walked around my house, all 1200 square feet of it and looked for her in all of her hiding places – no Cleo. I was still holding fast that she was stuck with the roommate. But somehow it still made me a bit uneasy… I then basically just sat and stared at the wall, for another 4 hours waiting for a reasonable time to start making the morning noises and hopefully wake the roommate up, so I could spring up and go over her room.

Roommate did not wake up… another hour went by, more noise, more shouting her name, no Cleo and no roommate wake up. The level of panic was rising.

The duo came and help me look and after much deliberation we still felt she was somewhere inside the house, mainly in the roommate’s room and she will come out when she was damn and ready to do so.

So we left for brunch

We came back and still the roommate door was closed! At this point I was slowly itching towards the top of my panic mode… what if she got out? She normally does not do that, but sometimes she does find her adventurous bone and wanders a bit out the front door, supervised by me, but as soon as she notices that she is not under a nice, safe roof, she flies back into the house. And as much as I tried to recreated the night before, at no time did I remember her sneaking pass me out the front door. At this point a full search took effect and all three of us launch an frenzy search all over again. Outside, we started calling her name, inside as well… at this point my roommate woke up and informed me that she was not in her room and joined in the search

Full panic mode finally set in.

We spent another hour or so looking and calling out to her when I finally I realized that as much as did not want to face the fact, she was out there in the wild, the unknown and alone and maybe in some strangers house. Both of the cats have chips in place and if anyone picks them up and does the right thing I can get them back. But who now a day does the right thing? I was busy mentally created LOST posters and knocking on doors across my neighborhood.

While I sat and was thinking of ways to live without her, a sense of “something” came over me and I rushed outside, my sister following me telling me that she had already searched outside… I have no idea how, but I walked straight to one single spot in my backyard and as I got closer, shouted her name “CLEO!”

…and got a desperate MEOW back… at first I was totally unprepared to hear it. So much so that I shouted it again and the desperate MEOW came again… and again… and again. After removing the 100 potting pots that I have in the specific corner of the yard, there she was, staring back at me, giving me the “OMG, you totally found me and I want to go home NOW!”… For my part I felt such a relief to have found her I almost broke into tears. There she was, safe and sound… a bit scared and pissed, but I had found her!

The last couple of days, I have not left her out of my sight and apparently her adventure did not go well over, since she was in full clingy mode.

Well… you thought it was over?

Last night I woke up with a start again and this time Mocha (my younger cat) was gone… I have not been able to fall sleep since 3AM, have once more search the house up and down and I now sit here awaiting for my roommate to wake up to search and hope that Mocha is in her room hiding under the bed.

Is there something in the fucking air around here? How in the hell can this happen within days of each other? Did both of my cats decided it was time to scare the bat shit out of me and are simply taking turns in the torture?

When I find her I going to so ground her ass up, because that is what parents do when their children misbehave right?

Update: have yet to find her, she was not in my roommates room, so basically she is out there somewhere… I’m hoping that she find her way back home and stays put. I cannot bear the thought of loosing her.


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