Ouch! Ouch!

3 May

What I have learned after my first Dragon Boat Practice

1) Cute guys, with great cut bodies
2) The boat is long
3) Buy my own Life Vest
4) And paddle
5) And something to cushion my butt
6) Its harder than it looks
7) Cannoning is for sissies’
8) So is kayaking
9) I’m going to get the best arms EVER after this
10) My sister is actually a good athlete
11) And a big whiner too
12) Its harder than it looks
13) My arms are capable of falling off my body
14) So are my legs
15) And my abdomen
16) When did I get all of these muscles and why are they capable of hurting?
17) the best thing ever is not sucking on the first try
18) its WAY harder than it looks
19) the paddle needs to be your friend
20) so you can beat the shit out of them afterwards
21) Dive into the water, dive into the water, dive, dive, DIVE!
22) I should have gone back to scuba diving instead
23) My new coach is cute
24) And I can look just as good when I hit 56 – he is proof
25) Did I mention the cute guys?
26) This is for my own good
27) I’m going to get a kick ass tan
28) I look cool doing it
29) Water, water, water
30) Take to aspirins and don’t call anyone in the morning


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