Row, Row the dragon ….

8 May

Tomorrow my sis and I go mano-a-mano with the dragon once more. We are off to our second OPEN training of Dragon Boat. The club gives you 2 tryouts in order to make sure you are really understand what you are getting into – like not feeling your whole body for long period of times.

This will be decision time…but I’m 1005 sure I’m going to join, I may change my mind tomorrow when I can barely pick up the pencil at work due to the pain I will be feeling, but I know that is mainly due to how out of shape I been. And like anything, eventually it will become second nature and nothing will hurt, in return I get a kick ass tone body, specially my arms which I covet like crazy. I believe there is nothing as sexy as bared, well toned biceps.

So we hit the water with paddles and in my part a new found commitment… that I’m going to stick it out.

Because did I mention the cute guys there too right?


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