Whats for lunch? A bake potato and a side of stupidity

11 May

Ok, so you know when you have a craving.

Those that start mild-like, and it hits you anytime, for me its usually in the car…

You suddenly start to think about a specific food you want… and promise yourself that after work and/or errand, you will pickup and/or cook it on your way home/when you get home.

But, you forget.

So the mild-like craving start to mount, the following day it comes back and you promise yourself that you are going to take care of it…

But, you forget

So the cravings become full blown – do or die, the one that you actually go to the store and/or food place in your PJ’s (if necessary) to get rid of the craving – I mean it is a matter of life and death.

Yeah well.. for me in the past 3 days…

a bake potato. Yes, a simple BAKE POTATO (hey! it does not have to be a fancy craving)

Anyways… so I’m sitting at work, and when Italian girl ask me what I want for lunch I practically take off her head when I shouted BAKE POTATO!!

So, I dial the local Ruby Tuesday… call in my CURVE-SIDE order and tell them I will be there in 15 min.

I should have known…it was not going to be easy…

Waitress arrives with my order. I give her my hard earn cash… she takes off… I look in the bag, and find one bake potato, 1 fork…and NOTHING.ELSE.


Waitress comes back:

Me: Yeah, I ordered a bake potato and the condiments seem to be missing
Waitress: Condiments?
Me: uh, yes, the butter, the sour-cream, salt, pepper – CONDIMENTS… not in the bag???
Waitress: Oh you wanted a loaded bake potato?
Me: No… I wanted your plain bake potato, like it says here in your menu (shows her the menu, describing the bake potato with butter and sour cream)
Waitress: So you want butter?
Me: Yes, and sour cream and salt and pepper
Waitress: Ok, so I will change the order to loaded bake potato
Me: (counting to 10 slowly)… No, not the loaded, your menu (showed it to her AGAIN) shows that the loaded bake potato comes with bacon and cheese. I DON’T.WANT.THAT. I want the plain potato (point at it in the menu) see, the plain that COMES with butter & Sour cream.
Waitress: (gives me a blank look – I SWEAR TO GOD!)
Me: Ok, (trying a different tactic) let me ask you this, if I would be sitting in a table, and ask for the plain bake potato, will you bring it to me like this?
Waitress: No, we will include butter and sour cream
Me: (GOD.HELP.ME – I’m counting, I’m counting….) Ok, then… make believe that I’m sitting at the table and order this…could you bring me the butter and sour cream
Waitress: To go?
Me: (counting faster) YES!
Waitress: Ok, will be right back
Me: (Thinking: I should have gone to the supermarket, bought the potato, butter, sour cream and bake the damn thing in the Microwave at work, I probably be eating it RIGHT.NOW, but no.. I had to go for the craving, the stupid craving…)
Waitress: here you go, as you ordered.
Me: from inside (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!) thank you.

I got to work and actually though about not eating it, since I knew that somehow this was going to come back and bite me in the butt, in the form of indigestion.

But, it was a craving and craving does not wait for indigestion to hit.

I had the damn potato and even with the side of stupidity, it was pretty darn good.

But then, craving are always good.


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