A Radioactive spin

13 May

So Saturday I woke up early …. to drive across town and take a nap under a radioactive machine. I could go into a description of the whole thing, but I may bore you to death.. since it was no big deal… got there, tech took me inside.. told me that he was going to insert a needle where he was going to shoot radioactive stuff up my veins so I can light up like a light bulb under the big machine on the other room. The test was going to take about 2 hours, but if everything went well, then it may take less.

Since I love a challenge, I made it my business to shoot for a 1 hour test… Plus I was hungry.

He made me lay down cover me with a blanket and slide me under the machine.. turn the monitor over above me and ask me if I wanted to watch TV or my insides. Since I cool (and there is nothing playing on TV at 7:45AM except info-commercial) I told him, my insides! He showed me that the dark spots were my liver, stomach, and gallbladder and the dots were stuff, he used a medical term.. and I was not paying attention (I was hungry!).

So, I lay there, turning blue, since the room felt like the inside of my freezer. And watched the dots on the screen… then I got bored and the combination of cold vs hunger vs boredom only brought the next best thing.

I feel sleep.

For apparently 30-40 min, since the next thing I knew I was being woken up by the tech, telling me that we were going to the part 2 of the test… where he shoots fatty stuff in order to recreated the feeling that I just ate a fatty meal… not pretty. To feel full, and nauseous without the benefit of actually eating and tasting the fatty meal is just not a good experience. Another 15 min and another nap.

I was out of there in 1 hour and 14 min. Test results should be in my Doctors hands by Tuesday, so there was nothing else to do for the rest of the day, except:

Go shopping and take more naps. Guess what I did?

Just another Saturday day with a radioactive spin


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