Scapel bound

22 May

Ok… so finaly after going after my doctor in the form of a trillion phone messages to call me back.. I got his nurse (which I’m starting to hate) to call me and let me know he wants to see me to discuss the final test. WTF? I’m so seriously over this, I think I’m the only person that wants to have surgery so I can get it OVER WITH.

Since I got a copy of the test results, I pretty much google my way to an explanation of what I got and what I got is basically my gall bladder going bad and the cure? yeah, getting it OUT.

Now I just have to get my doctor to go do it once and for all. I don’t need to have a get-together or a pow wow.. just set me up and get me ready for the scapel.. because I’m damn ready to get cut up.


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