Funny farm, anyone?

31 May

So we hit a snagged and surgery is now on the 14th of June… and the eye surgery is now on June 29th.

I feel like leftover food, the one that you cook up, its yummy, and then put in a container, stick it in the refrigerator and then continue to move around in there to make room for fresher stuff, until eventually you find it months later and not even open it, since you can see the mold growing even without opening it and you know that you are better throwing it out that even cleaning the container.

… in the meantime, the attacks keep on coming, but I think its mostly stress of having the ending of this whole saga within my reach and then the dangling carrot keeps on moving farther out of my reach.

Besides the stress I’m scare about the whole thing, (ok, scare shitless will be more like it) since its still not determined the reason why my gallbladder is acting up in the first place… remember how I feel about those unknown?… I don’t tend to roll with that program to well. I like to be in control of the happenings around me, I like to plan and double plan and in some cases go way over the top and triple plan for the unknown, less it catches me with my pants down. And nobody looks pretty with their pants down (ok, maybe Brat Pitt or George Clooney.. ok, got off the subject…were was I?) Oh yeah, caught by surprise… unless its my birthday and you are behind a present, then, no… no unplanned surprises for me. And the gallbladder is really an uninvited guest at my party. Even the doctor cannot tell me what type of guess is in there… he keep telling me “we may have stones… or we may not”… “we may have this… or we may not”.

So of course this adds to the stress factor… which acts as trigger for more pain… I need to take a chill pill and relax or I’m going to end up at the funny farm on the way to the O.R.


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