What to do with all that time?

3 Jun

With my impending forced vacation/post-op looming.. I trying to think of things to do while I sit around bored out of my mind at home.

Which is freaking ironic, since I do need a vacation, and what can be the best vacation but that of being at home, not having to wake up early to go to work, having the time to watch masses amount of TV, not having to dress, since I will not be allow to drive for the first 3 days, and many more stuff, that I can guarantee, will have me pulling my hair after 24 hours of being back at home from the hospital (I can promise you that). Yeah, I’m an ungrateful person, don’t know when I have it good and so forth.. yada, yada, yada – bite me.

Anyway, today I had a chance to have a test run, of my house arrest, ops, VACATION. We had a tropical storm come our way (yes, Florida has officially entered the 2007 hurricane season – hold on to your seats folks!) and it has been raining for the past 48 hours – NON.STOP. So after I did my errands (in plenty of rain)..I got home and sat. Nothing on TV, nothing on the internet (yes, the internet), and I just did not feel like reading… so I sat and got, well…. BORED.

And then I came up with the LIST…this is THE list that is going to save me from boredom:

  1. Learn Scrapbooking (yeah, stop LAUGHING, I’m serious), this is something that I been meaning to get into, I was always good at art and craft (I do work as a graphic designer on my spare time) but I never quite had the time to sit and come up with all those cool looking pages, full of whimsical and cuteness to show off pictures.
  2. Make a dent on the Netflix account: As of today, I have 67 movies on my list. I need to really get cracking and watch more movies. Since the summer is pretty slow on shows, I really don’t see a problems with this, I’m challenging myself to 4 movies a week before my eyes fall off my face.
  3. Reading! This is something that I love, love to do… but somehow it has fallen thru the cracks of, well… uh, EVERYTHING in my life. I have a pile of books (about 10 books) sitting on my nightstand begging me to read them. I.CAN.HEAR.YOU.
  4. More blogging: I really need to start to put down all those wonderful post that I write up on my head on a daily basis, but then seem to go up in smoke when I sit starring at the computer screen. MUST.BLOG… MUST.BLOG
  5. Organized my closet: Yep, I need to sit and try out about 60% of my closet and see what fits, what does not, what needs to go to goodwill, what needs to go to the trash. Major, major closet cleaning is needed – PRONTO.
  6. Keep this list visible at all times, less I forget what to do with all that time.

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