Where I still got nothing to say except Stat!

9 Jun

I have no idea if the reason why I don’t have anything to post is because nothing is happening in my life that is exciting enough to let you all in it. Nothing, I have realized that my life is boring people.. B.O.R.I.N.G. Yes in big letter, just in case you all miss the point.

I mean I wake up, go to work.. and work, work, work, come back home and if I feel like it watch a bit of TV, play with the cats, read blogs and then go to bed. See, told you boring. Even the match.com prospects are boring.. there is nobody interesting out there!

With my pending surgery I’m hoping to get some new material because I need to fill my time while I sit at home trying not to kill myself of boredom (see there is that pesty little word again). I know there is some good stories in the works, I mean is a hospital, and there will be drugs involved, how can I not get something to blog about.. HOW?

Like today, I get a phone call from the admission office telling me they need me to call them back stat (seriously, that is the word that ms-something-something used when leaving the mssg.) “Ms C, please call our offices stat, we need to speak with you” I of course waiting a full 3 hours to return the such ridiculously message – stat, ass. So I call, get transfer around the hospital phone menu until I go the “if you want to speak with an alive representative, please press 5” (is this hospital a hoot or what?) “live” representative????

I was ready for anything when the “alive” rep got on the line:

AR: Ms C?
Me: Yes, I’m returning the mssg to call you “Stat” (of course I used it!)
AR: Yes, well… we are confirming your surgery on Thursday and also your pre-op on Tuesday.
Me: Yes, got it all, what time is the surgery on Thursday?
AR: I don’t know
Me: Ok, who will know?
AR: I don’t’ know
Me: (thinking, I’m in trouble… so cut it short and abort)
AR: Well we need also a credit card to pay for your deductible of $867
Me: What deductible?…..:::fading:::::

And I just realized that this is way to boring to keep you guys going… the most exciting thing… of the whole post is “stat” and “alive” person.

I need to get a life. Enjoy your weekend, I’m sure it will be more exciting than mine.


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