Back at you

16 Jun

So, I’m back home from the hospital. Surgery went well, the doctor told me I was an excellent patient – (Of course I was, I was knocked out!) apparently I got an A+ in OR behavior.

I’m not going to bored you with details, since I don’t have any, (remember I was out). I remember the OR (in blurring mode, since they took my glasses off) and then the command to breathe in and then… woke up in my room, with of course PAIN!

Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit…

No, I’m not.. there was pain as in the one that just breathing was painful and moving and breathing and smiling and even being awake was painful.

So when the nurse came about and ask me what my pain level was, I shouted out, “a 9!” To which she told me, let me get you some pain medication (yeah, I thought you do that.. STAT!) And off she went… and then.. THEN THIS HAPPEN….

Nurse: Here you go (and she hands over a pink pill, a BIG, HUGE pink PILL in a cup)
Me: Ahhh, this is not going to happen, I can’t swallow this.
Nurse: Sure you can
Me: No, I can’t… I can barely get some water down on me (my throat was killing me due to the intubation)
Nurse: No, go ahead, you will see that you will be able to swallow it.
Me: (Giving up, since I knew better) Ok.

She hands me the pill, I take it, gulped down the water and….

Me: (to my mom) hand over the basin and (promptly had a throw up episode, which included the BIG, HUGE pink pill)
Me: (handing the bassinet back to the nurse) “here is your pill back”
Nurse: alright-y then, guess we will need to give you a shot.
Me: guess so

10 min later I was in la-la land, pain free and dreaming of pink flamingos (don’t ask).


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