Day 1 of my imposed "rest" sentence

18 Jun

Today is day 1 of my 10 day “rest” on doctor orders.

I’m at home and all I can think of is going to work.

Ok, I know that some of you are going… “what ungrateful bitch, she has 10 days to do whatever she wants and she wants to go to work?”

Yeah, well… bite me. I’m BORED.

There is so much TV and books that you can read. And to top this off? My trusty TIVO decided to DOA on me.. yes, my TIVO that has been with me for over 7 years decided that it was not going to participate in our daily routine anymore and on Saturday gave me the finger with a green “Fatal error occurred” message. 3 hours later of trying to reboot itself, we finally call in the Directv gurus and it was confirmed that I need to have a new receiver shipped. Which is not what I wanted, since all I heard from other people using the new directv receiver is that it sucks. I’m going to miss my TIVO – sigh!

In other news? This is what I been doing in the meantime


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