Day 2 of 10 – Eight more to go

19 Jun

Day 2, what can I say? It looks like its going to be pretty much like day 1 – except no M&M pictures, I got sick of making those.

Today, the highlight (so far) as been that out of my 4 incisions, one of the stiches fell off during my morning shower – we are making progress. It was a bit of a bleeder, I panic for about 2 seconds until I realized that it has stopped. I’m considering this event as my daily exercise, since my heartbeat shot up to like 160 in less than a min.

My plans for today:

Reading. And because my brain is mush, I’m going with a romance novel from Nora Roberts, just to keep me hot and heavy, while in bed (because I have not seem much of that action either in the last couple of months)

Maybe Lunch, if I can bring myself to nuke something from the refrigerator, if not, then we are looking at a bowl of cereal. (just kidding mom! – I promise I will have full meal)

Then from 1 to 5, something to really look forward to… the Directv installer is suppose to show up and connect my brand new sucky HD receiver – I so ready to give him a hard time (maybe that will be the highlight of the day).

Play photographer: take the pictures of all of the computer components (from the old desktop) and post in craigslist in order to see if I can sell that stuff off.

As you can see folks, I got myself an exciting day ahead of me… I can barely contain my emotions, I think I will need to take a nap just to get ahead on the day.


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