Back at work am I

27 Jun

Back at work am I. And the things that I learn that no matter how long you are away from it, some things just never change:

  • Stupidity is still alive in my work office and there is no sign of it leaving the building any time soon.
  • The receptionist drama is better than any soap opera on TV (if the networks ever run out of materials they should tap into this woman life, they will have a hit on their hands).
  • My bosses are still babies and need to be taken by the hand and showed the way.
  • Meeting lunches. Do I need to say anymore… FREE lunch!
  • Deadlines… what are those?
  • Starbucks Shaken Ice Tea Lemonade at 8:43 in the morning – could it get better than that?
  • …not if you add a lemon pound cake to go with it.
  • Blocking software – oh, how I miss you so!
  • Office gossip – still alive and working like a well oiled machine.
  • Reading blogs and getting paid for it.
  • Weekends.

and talking about weekends… is it here yet?


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