The Doctors (like mom’s) are always right

2 Jul

So, I survive my first week back to work…

Survive it, I write, since I felt every single bit of it at the end of 5pm on Friday. I was sore and tired and plain pissed that I sense all of it. I guess this will teach me to listen to the doctor the next time around. I believe me with my luck, there will be a next time, I can pretty much guarantee it.

This Friday, I go under the knife once more, this time with my eyes. The thought that I can finally be able to burn the glasses and the contacts, and the liquids and the drops and everything else that has helped me see for the past 18 years, has me so looking forward to this event, even the squeamish factor is gone – I just want it done! Plus, a great encentive is that I will get to try them out (the new sight) on my next vacation in September.

Because in about 82 days I will be enjoying my yearly vacation with the NYCBoys, BFF, and the sis. After much deliberation and emailing and phone calls, we decided that a bit of this will do us all some good:

Of couse using this to do it on:

EIGHTY-TWO days… the countdown start now.


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