Now I’m good enough….

5 Jul

When I started to date about 2 years ago (has it been that long???) I join the most obvious sites for dating: match, yahoo, perfectmatch, plenty of fish and eharmony. Now all of them were pretty relative easy, except eharmony. Apparently I was not good enough for them.. no sir-ee, after spending about 1.5 hour responding to their rigorous 29 Dimensions scale questioner and another hour putting up my “profile” on the site.. I got a “sorry, we cannot find you a match at this time in our system”… HELLO? Can you say picky? Apparently I did not “pass” their demanding standards.

Yesterday as I sat watching the full season of Project Runway, (until my eyes fell off my face), their commercial with all of their happy couples keep playing over and over again. And since I was having myself a pity party, they played right into it and somewhere between the 34 time their commercial played and the 5th glass of margarita, I decided why in the hell not…

so I logged in and answer their questions as truthfull as I could (because according to them, its the way to go to find the right match). This time the questions took less than 30 min (someone in corporate must listen to the dudes in the marketing department and told them to lay off cut down on their 29 dimension scale questioner). So, I finished, posted my picture and waited for them to reject me once more. (yeah, remember PITY PARTY)

None came…

In fact, today in my inbox I have 25 matches… Twenty-FIVE! Apparently, these matches have been carefully selected from millions of candidates because (and I quote) “I share extraordinary levels of compatibility in the areas proven to create relationship success.” (Well I’ll be damned!)

Now, I have to decide my next step…

Do I pluck the monthly payment and try them out? Or do I just sit back and continue my dating-break for another month?

You know that I’m putting that money down. (I’m such a sucker) Because somewhere deep in my dark and twisty side, I still have hope that the guy that belongs to me is out there and I can live the happily ever after.


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