26 year old Mr. Spectacles and Mr. Contact lenses have meet with a untimely death

6 Jul

Mr. Spectacles, along with his good friend, Mr. Contact Lenses, meet with an untimely death today.

The cause of death was Lasik PRK Surgery.

For the past 26 years Mr. Spectacles along with Mr. Contact lenses, have contribute to Monica’s eye sight and the capability of her seeing in front of her, along the way they have cause numerous moments of hilariousness and ultimate discomfort. Mr. Contact lenses, specially took an active part in several infections, dry eye episodes as well as various disappearance acts. Along with these minor inconveniences they also contributed a total of $19,320 in added yearly expenses during their lifespan.

Services will be held at the center for Lasik surgery, were they will be put to rest in the trash bin of the doctor’s office. In lieu of sadness we ask that you celebrate their pitiful existence and go out tonight and order a margarita on their name.


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