Felling negleted yet?

14 Jul

I know that I been negleting the blog, but the last couple of days my eyes have pretty much dictated my everyday life. I have never realized how much we read unconsciously until this past week, while my eyes are adjusting themselves. While my eyes are healing at the pace the doctor suggested the eyes have taken the stand to given me a bit of a bass-ass attitude.

We are at a declared tug-a-war… between giving me hope of clarity and downers of cloudiness. Of course this happens at a drop of a hat. Let me give you an example, when I started to write this post my eyes were in their cooperative mood, meaning that I could see the computer screen perfectly well… very clear and focus.

Now? Not so much… now we are in the bitchy stage, where my nose is actually touching the screen of my notebook in order to be able to write the last 50 words. And believe me, its hard to have your face on the screen and type at the same time… I don’t recommend it. Plus you look stupid and when you are alone and feeling stupid you may as well quit while ahead.

So as you can see, writing has just become in the last week difficult and frustrating… and when things in my life become difficult and frustrating, I tend to take the the high road and stick my head in the sand until the doomed cloud passes.


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