Updates, Updates, Updates

17 Jul

Gallbladder surgery:
Done and Done… fully recuperating… I still cannot go back to doing major ass exercises (Like I would… yeah!) until end of August… Doctors orders! and if I have learn anything from this experience? Doctor is always right. So the dragon boat practice needs to wait just a bit more.

Eye surgery:
IM.FREE! Yesterday I woke up and for the first time in 26+ years I could actually see the green numbers on the alarm clock. I was like amazing! Ok, I cried a bit, but NOBODY NEEDS TO KNOW THAT. Everyday they are improving and I know this because I’m able to pick up things and actually READ THEM.

eHarmony has become my stacker. I have gotten so many “here is your match” emails is not even funny anymore. I do look and in one of two occasions, found the match interesting enough that I have gone and jump thru the hoops of their “contact” phase (which is like a 12-step program: long, tedious and with the reward far, far, away). I’m going to say this again (I know I sound like a broken record) I’m calling it quits. I just not really into it anymore, I feel that every little bit of email I get from that potential match is just taking a piece of me with it. A piece that is better left untouched, so I can put it to use in more important stuff, like laying around and reading books and blogs.

I notice that we are in the half way mark of summer…. HALF WAY! Meaning that we are HALF WAY into 2007… how in the hell has that happen? I have yet to get in the car and go and melt under the Florida sun, while swimming in our warm ocean. I HAVE NOT BEEN TO THE BEACH YET.. that is like a crime around these parts.. while everyone around me sports a nice summer tan, I’m still white as ghost! So this Sunday I’m packing up the convertible with the umbrella, cooler, snacks, inflatable raft and beach chair and head for the water. I will get red as a lobster and enjoy every single minute of it. Count on it.


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