Pamparing myself a little

19 Jul

As my friends know… I like to dress up, and in a country were dress down is the norm (sorry, but I come from a country were you put on a dress to go to the buy milk at the corner market, it was just the way I was brought up) dressing up in the US of A is hard to pull off without everyone giving you the once over and calling you snob (true story people!).

At work we are pretty lay back, and since they implemented the “Ok-you-can-wear-the-jeans rule”, everyone decided it would be acceptable to come dress like you were ready to battle the backyard for the day and not the office. I did not fall for it this trick and since its in my nature to fell the need to go against the status quo I continue to dress-up Monday thru Thursday… I mean were else am I going to get the opportunity to put on my high heels and parade the cute skirt with the cute top and the cute purse? WORK of COURSE!

But regardless how dress up I get, I tend to be easy with the make up, I never been one to really wear makeup. In fact, I can still hear my nonna (grandmother) yelling at me for going out without a stitch of makeup on my face. “You look DEAD, Put on some COLOR”. Unfortunately, that habit never stuck, maybe because I just to lazy to take the time to wear it or maybe because I’m one of those people that when I do wear lipstick I can assure you that withing 2 min, its gone.. why? because I eat it! Mascara? nahhh, I will be sporting raccoon eye in 15 min flat, because I tend to rub my eyes a lot, so I just spread that stuff all over. I guess I just feel more comfortable in my own au-natural look. Which is such a contradiction.. because while I don’t wear it, I love to buy beauty products. I just love all the different colors of eye makeup, and lip colors and OMG, the mixing and matching… I could spend hours, upon hours in Sephora just trying on the stuff and then taking it off, just so I can start all over again.

So, when I read my peer, Nothing but bonfires blog post about the things that will change your life, I ran, not walked to the nearest drug store, because she convince me that I had to, (or die) have the cover girl LipSlick. In her post, she recommended “Daring” (which I got and love the color) but I also got it in “Demure”… because, well I love to say it, “Demure.. De-mU-re”… see it sticks, it rolls off your toungue, making you feel fancy-spacy. BUT THEN.. THEN… over the weekend BFF, sis and myself were at the mall and when we visited Bath and Body Works and and started to rub the lotions and spray ourself with watermelon perfume we came across this gem: the CoBigelow, Mentha Lip Tint.. and I was HOOKED, it just called to me. I mean I could wear this to bed! Its just so delish! Not only does it give your lips that shinny shine, but the minty, cooling sensation on your lips is to-die-for. I mean its like having an A/C on your mouth…(and believe me any cooling for free in Florida heat is a plus in my book) it also gives you the sensation to go around and ask anyone to kiss you… Like Kiss-Kiss…not just a kiss, but a KISS-KISS with the BIG GUNS on your shiny, minty lips, because you just want to share that LOVE folks.

She also talked me into running to Sephora and trying the “Purity made Simple” and the “Hope in a Jar”… Tonight, I will start the ritual, because who can go wrong when the stuff does smell fancy?


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