Sometimes you feel like NUTS!

31 Jul

All of the sudden everything has taken a “front and center” attitude – work, friends, dating…

I need a break!

Work has been deadline after deadline… Dating, a couple here and there, there will probably be more, if only I find time to actually plan the dates!

And the biggest front runner? Friends.

One of my girlfriends is getting married in two weeks and we have all pulled together in helping her with the wedding stuff. And I say stuff, because there is so much, I cannot even begin to run the list of the major amount of stuff that one needs to do for a simple “I do” ceremony. Yes, A S.I.M.P.L.E ceremony, with 40 people (sometimes it feels that its 400!)

The fittings, the shopping, the decision making, the DRAMAS… its just NUTS!

This past weekend we got together to create the favors, the centerpieces and the bouquets. And on top of it, we decided to convert it into a mini bride shower. And if you are good reading between the lines, it means we basically allowed ourselves to drink large quantities of liquor, eat lots of chocolates (favors people.. candy was involved) and talk about boys.

And after lots of chocolate, kick ass Bellini’s and huge amounts of talk about boys, I have come to one simple conclusion about the art of saying I do:


I mean save yourself and


Then come back and have your friends throw you a wild ass party.

Trust me on this, nobody looks good as a bridezilla


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