1 Aug

Summer. It kind of gets to you, in the end, doesn´t it? You may try to bumble along happily, pretending it´s not here, but before you know it, it will get you in the end…nastily too. Specially here in Florida, were temperatures of 90 feel more like 100+ due to the humidity, not even summer showers, which we had for the past 2 days (with lighting galore too) have helps bring down the temperature, in fact I can bet my last ice cube that is has help temperatures be more scorching!

So, forgive the hiatus, but really, these temperatures have made anything other than opening the fridge an utopia. Likewise, the computer keys smoke. And a heavy work schedule? yeah, well THAT is not helping me. Coming home and sitting in front of a computer is really not an option right now. The only options that I crave when I get home from a 12-hour work day… is rip my sweaty clothes off, take a COLD bath (yes COLD!) slip into my soft cotton pj’s, , turn down the A/C to below 75 and drink glass after glass of ice cold tea. I cannot even bring myself to watch TV, all I want to do is lay there and sleep…. trying to gather energy lost, since the next day… well the next day will bring another 12-hour work day.


Yes, it does.


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