Time and a half

7 Aug

Last week I clocked 20 hours of OT at work.. TWENTY! I put my life on hold in order to get binders, training materials , Hotel logistics, agendas, and so much more crap ready for 20 people to sit in a room and roll play 8 hours away. I’m totally amazed that I could function in the training today. Yes, not only did I organized it but I’m a participant too.. OH FUN FOR ME – yeah me!

So this week, I see myself clocking about the same, since after the training I still need to head to the office to do the stuff called work that has nothing to do with the training – NO free pass, no pass go, no collecting $200… well, maybe collecting the $200 will be true, since all of these extra hours are being clocked at time and half. Can you say NEW SHOES?

Well… maybe no shoes, and more like “saving it”. Because that loot is so going towards my vacation cruise, which will take place in 53 days. I been so out of it, that I actually forgot that in less than a month I will be cruising among glaciers. Today I got the Royal Caribbean Trip itinerary, which contains all the tips about what to take, wear, airline information, transfer service, and all the rest of the stuff you need to now.. mainly how to spend more money on them!

I would be excited, except that I’m so popped that I cannot bring myself to even do a happy dance. And not just mentally done, but physically as well. I just want to finish the next 2 weeks in one piece and then hope that for the rest of the month, I can just sit at work and be bored.

And clock major time and half getting cute little cruise outfits so I can take cute pictures with all that gorgeous backdrop



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