It’s about damn time!

28 Aug

A couple of years ago, when the BFF and I decide to pool our recourses (i.e: short amount of cash flow) and find and eventually moved to an affordable (short amount of cash flow), cute apartment with a water view (because living in Miami and not by the water is just a criminal offense) we became obsess with decorating it in a hip, trendy way. We wanted that Pottery Barn look all over the place without having to give up each of our yearly salary to get it. (Fat chance!)

Now, for those that know me, they know that I hate any kind of shopping except when it comes to shopping for my abode. I’m just love shopping for household goods. I’m all about couches, and kitchen stuff and gadgets and pillows and paint swatches. I always said that my ultimate dream will be to find the man I’m was going to marry, and his platinum American Express and the following word would flow out of his mouth into my awaiting “perky” ears: “go babe, spend it on our new home”.. JACKPOT!

Since the pursuit of THAT dream is on serious hold for the moment now and it was a pipe dream back then, the BBF and I needed to be creative… meaning we told everyone we knew we were looking for hand me downs… and that brings us to my point (yeah, I know I can ramble along).

When we were looking for a bookcase (we are readers) we came across a bookcase that we fell in love with… we loved the modern lines, the simplicity of the whole piece and we wanted it… when we asked the seller where she had gotten it from, the most beautiful words that I have ever heard came out of her mouth: I K E A

We discovered the motherload! Unfortunately the closest motherload was located over 1,000 miles north of us. Apparently, we here in Florida were not hip enough to have our own Ikea store…

until now…

In the next 2 year Florida will hold 3 brand new yellow/blue box stores… 2 of which will be opening in the fall of 2007 – yep… In less than 2 months we will join the elite and have access to thousand of household furniture at inexpensive prices… People start your tool box! While I still have to “travel” to the closest store (Orlando)… it’s now a 45 min drive as to oppose to a plane ride. And if I wait a bit more, like in 2008 the third store will open in my hometown…. Happy, happy, joy, joy

For now, the NYBoys have sent me the new 2008 catalog and it already shows wear and tear


And I only had it for 2 hours!


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