Designated Driver

1 Sep

Its Official… Tomorrow I start to count down till our trip to Alaska and it could not come any time sooner.

All of us “Los Viajeros” (Travelers) are so in need of 9 days of fun crazy that we are jumping out of our skins. We have started to plan wardrobe combinations, to take or not to take the laptop (we take!), were to buy the best shoes boots (its going to be cold), what is going on the list and what not and last but not least the land tours.

We are pretty much an active bunch in the group, we travel well together, since we have a well balance of fucked up crazy mix with some common sense… the land tours are going to be the killer in all of us, we just cannot decide what to really do… so we started with this list of contenders:

  1. Glacier View Sea Kayaking – We basically settle into a 2-person kayak for 1.5 hours of guided sea kayaking with a glacier view. And according to the online brochure, keep an eye out for area wildlife. (like whales????, we probably will drop this one, since we are an odd number of people and you need 2 per kayak… unless one of find a single guy on the ship – here is praying hoping!)
  2. Klondike Rock Climbing & Rappelling – A climbing adventure on the granite walls of the White Pass with no experience necessary! (I’m actually shooting for this one, but I think I’m going to have to do some heavy “pitching” to the group).
  3. Rainforest Ropes & Zipline Challenge – This is one that we are going to do… we strap ourselves and zip on a course that includes a balance beam, suspension bridge, a two-line bridge, a swinging log, zip lines, climbing wall and more! (this one does not need pitching, its already on the list!)
  4. We do want to watch whales and Orcas, and there is a tour that gives you that, but the jury is still out and this one.
  5. Adventure Kart Expedition – This one is for our inner child wanting to get down and dirty, since we will travel caravan style along the shoreline of George Inlet in a 2-person ATV for an approximate one-hour exploration of a rain forest preserve. The we board a sightseeing catamaran for the return to Ketchikan (Whale watching… you think?)
  6. Helicopter Glacier Trek – This is the one were we will have to dish out the big bucks ($514 each!) but you get on a helicopter and they zip you up, up and away for a 3 hours of glacier trekking and climbing over the glacier’s rugged terrain.. (this one we feel is the awesomeness one of the bunch, but then we will not have enough money to sit and drink the 9 days away… so its pretty much on the list just to slap us back to the reality: we are all broke and in need of higher paying jobs)

    So that is the list that we are preparing… I’m sure that we will have more fun doing other stuff that are FREE on the actual ship, like lounging by the pool, with water temperatures keeped at a “toasting” 70-75 degree and its covered!!…sunbathing under the ice! How ultimate is that people!!! We can also stuff ourselves with all of the FREE food they give us, because this ship has non-stop food stations set up all over the place. Or we can ditch the actual tour on-land and try our hand at the Rock-climbing wall provided “FREE” on the ship.

    Who knows… we will find SOMETHING to do, its not going to be too hard to keep ourselves entertained, because the best part will be that we are together, within the vicinity of a bar and have designated driver at all times.

    Now what is not to love about that?


    One Response to “Designated Driver”

    1. DangerDoll September 3, 2007 at 4:54 am #

      Thanks for the link! 🙂

      And I’m jealousin’ your Alaska trip…

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