Dinner is served!

4 Sep

I lived alone, and with it, comes the ultimate price for doing so… sleeping alone, talking to yourself the cats, dancing naked around, singing off key on top of your lung and eating just anything (mainly junk) because I’m just to damn lazy to cook something for myself.

This bit of a bad habit, is not helped by the fact that while I can appreciate a good meal (I do love to cook) I just tend to get sidetrack and forget that I have to eat. So instead I sort of remember and then I just content with eating a P&J sandwich or the ultimate no-effort meal: a bowl of cereal – see ZERO effort and I get to eat – its a win-win folks.

But sometimes that pesty little thing called “craving” comes a-calling’

Today it was really bounding off the front door too. So, here I was in the kitchen with the following things in my craving list:

Fried Egg (over easy)
Open face grilled cheese (specifically the extra-sharp cheddar)
The string beans with tomatoes (that I made last Saturday)
and Mayo (don’t ask)

So as you can I was in a bit of a bind with my “craving” visitor. What to eat? what to eat? and as I opened the refrigerator and sat there thinking which one to eat… the light bulb went on in my head:

behold Dinner:


This folks is a multi grain, with mayo, slices of cheddar cheese, toasted under the broiler to get the cheese nicely melted and then covered with my string-bean and tomatoes and finally topped with a fried-egg (over-easy).

Not bad eh?

Then I finished the whole thing off with a tall glass of ice guaraná


Now… you guys may be going ewwwwwww… but trust me this was way better than any bowl of frosted-flakes… and it make that craving visitor go on its merry way.


One Response to “Dinner is served!”

  1. BeelzebuDasHell September 10, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    My God! Are you pregnant??????

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