No rubber duck required… but a waterproof camera is a must!

6 Sep

We been itching for a road-trip for months, specially when we been experiencing the side of effect in living down south – MELTING OF OUR SKINS RIGHT OFF OUR BODIES!!!
So, since my friend base is full of geniuses, we have come up with a sure way to best beat the steamy Florida afternoons:

a cool river

a flotation device

and the willingness to leave all cares on the shore.


Can you scream all with me now…. TUBBING!!!!!!

Though options for water sport in Florida are plentiful, one of the best places to indulge in the quintessential summer ritual of tubing is down the Rainbow River. This pristine river system discharges nearly 500-million gallons of cool, clear water a day, making it the fourth largest freshwater spring in Florida and the eighth largest in the world. With a year-round temperature of 72 degrees (can you say COOOLLLLL????), the river is a haven for city dwellers (like us!) looking to beat the heat in a kayak, canoe or tube.

We have packed up the camper and filled the tanks with gas… for the next 3 days each of us will be armed with a round black tube, and the resolution of leaving office politics, money woes and world events behind and concentrate on the lazy current gently nudging us along the 5.8 mile river. With arms and legs draped across either side, toes dipped in the heavenly cool of a spring-fed river it will NOT be very difficult to resist a Zen-like state of peace.

And according the their web site, the only thing we need to worry about is the Florida sun.

Which, for me, is just the right stuff I need to do to prepare for my upcoming cruise.


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