Camping 101

10 Sep

Things I learn from camping…

Florida is boring when it comes to road trip, there is so much flat road that you can see.

We have more wood areas than I thought we did and people live in it!

If you go camping… find a friend with an R/V.. trust me, having the convenience of A/C, Kitchen, TV, bathroom, HOT/COLD water and a bed is far better than sleeping outside under the stars.. and trying to be romantic.

Don’t trust what they tell you over the phone or on their web site. Be prepare with a plan “B” and “C” and then go beat them up.

Clean public bathroom on the camp site – need I say more?

Take the extra AeroBed… the sofa bed sucks after the 2 night.

Don’t trust an R/V that has been equipped by a guy – plastic forks and knives is not going to work on the frozen ice cream cake.

Wal-mart is EVERYWHERE!

When the tell you 4 hours down the river… its going to be FOUR HOURS.

Friends are the glue that hold it together in the middle of nowhere.

Otters are cute, so are snake birds.

People have nice homes in the middle of nowhere.

72 degree water is COLD.

Finally, the camera better be inside the waterproof sleeve, even if the pictures come out blurry.

the story in pictures can be found here


2 Responses to “Camping 101”

  1. BeelzebuDasHell September 10, 2007 at 3:25 am #

    OK… exactly what did you do with the whipped cream?

  2. Gene September 24, 2007 at 6:07 pm #

    Camping with these ladies is a Once In A Lifetime Experience! I mean, once was enough for me!! lol

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