Childhood memories

10 Sep

You know when you are a child and you make does weird combinations with food? I had quite a few… dry milk with sugar was one of them.. I love that stuff! Or OMG, whipping the yolk of an egg with sugar until it got frosty and white… (yes, there is the recurring theme of SUGAR!) and to even make it better???

CHOCOLATE of course… if there was any chocolate power somewhere in the house that would get whipped in there as well…and then I will eat all of that gooey mess on top of toasted bread.

Say ewww all you want, but I’m sure you guys out there probably had more disgusting combinations… (which tasted awesome…. to prove me wrong)

Today, I played a bit hooky from work, mainly because the prospect of actually having to be at work with zero hours of sleep the night before just was not in my fun-fun things to try to accomplished today. So, I sleep most of the morning, then did laundry and then.. THEN… for some unknown reason I started to think: ice cream!!!

Yeah.. weird me…. ICE CREAM… (I’m sure there is a hidden meaning in there somewhere) but, it was not just any ice cream, I was thinking of, but the kind that I would eat when I was a child living in Venezuela. In the store right down the house from our street, from the old lady that use to scare the bizzweessus out of us, except when we wanted ice cream!

Every neighborhood in Venezuela would have a tiny, itsy-bitty store called the “Bodegita”… (call it a mini-mart if you will). It was usually in the backyard of one of the neighbors and all of the kids in the neighborhood will flock with their allowances and consume huge amounts of sugar in the form of gun, chocolate, candy, home-made cakes, soda pop and ice cream… this particular ice cream was a cross of creamy goodness but with a twist of shave ice (its the only way to describe it) made with condense milk and a very popular soda pop called “Frescolita“. The two were mixed together popped in the freezer and you got a trillion calories ice cream at a cost of 5 cents per cup.

It was heaven!

Guess where this post is going? Yep, you guesses it right…. I had all the ingredients to make them….


and the needed prepping tools:


and the 5 minutes it took to open can, pour, whip, pour again and pop in freezer:


Now we do the adult thing… fold the clothes, clean the house and know that in about 3 hours, I will be going back in time running to the “bodegita” and eating one right up!


2 Responses to “Childhood memories”

  1. Diane Mandy September 11, 2007 at 9:02 pm #

    Looks and sounds yummy to me!

    I like the new site.

  2. Sofi September 26, 2007 at 6:26 pm #

    When I was a wee one in Utah, my great grandmother used to make the same type of ice cream. She would use strawberry flavored soda, and freeze it in a foil lined bread pan. I can still taste it. Thanks for the yummy memory!

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