I SWEAR TO GOD…(shaking my finger up at him)

13 Sep

if it not would be for the fact that I leave on vacation in  7 days (or to busy to find the right tools to do it).. I would be slashing my wrist right now… I have been putting so many hours at work, its just ridiculous.

I have no clue if I’m coming or going, I still have like a gazillion things to do before my trip, not to mention that my sister has decided to launch her own company as well and I have put on the hat of graphic designer for her flyers, and advertising, etc, etc…  not to mention researching web hosting sites, and everything one can thing of during the launching of a new company.

I may sound like I’m complaining (ok, maybe a tad)… but I’m so happy for her, I feel it in my guts that this is going to be HUGE for her, its a field that she absolutely adores and excels at, so success its just a given.  Plus if there is anyone more driven, it is her.  Its exciting to see the birth of something, from the thinking of the idea to the point of making the idea work and seeing it mature.  I experience it when I launched my own company and its great to see it happening to her, regardless of the fear in back of your mind that you are jumping over the edge with no safety net in sight.

But then we always been adventurous and sometimes the unplanned things are the ones that work out for the best.

Sort of like my packing… I know I have to start to get to it and I even downloaded a packing list (yes, I’m that organized, there is something about putting a check-mark next to a list – yeah, I weird) but, I just cannot bring myself to get to it, sometimes I wish I would be those super ultra rich people, that has at their disposal the maids, the stylist and all I have to do is get in the car to be taken to the airport and everthing will be ready and press and coordinated.

So if you see me wearing a purple shirt, with an orange hat and yellow gloves (not that I would ever have that in my closet, of course)… in any of my vacation photos, it means that I took the attitude to my packing by jumping off the edge and flying completely unplanned.


One Response to “I SWEAR TO GOD…(shaking my finger up at him)”

  1. Diane Mandy September 14, 2007 at 2:02 am #

    And I have no doubt you will still look wonderful in them!

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